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Veteran's Day

Today, November 11, marks the 100th anniversary of Veteran's Day - a holiday in which we honor the nearly 20 million active and former U.S. military service members. On this day we should all take a moment to realize the incredible debt of gratitude we owe our veterans. They represent the best of our nation: those willing to sacrifice and serve in order to protect our nation and the common good around the world.

This is the idea that started Holiday Mail for Heroes – an idea and goal to show an appreciation for the heroes of our country and remind them that they are not forgotten this holiday season. While many of us will get to spend the upcoming holidays in the presence of family, friends, and loved ones, many of our nation's veterans will have to spend their time in the hospital. Every year Holiday Mail for Heroes delivers handwritten cards to our veterans at VA hospitals and clinics around the holiday season. After collecting nearly 2,000 handwritten cards last year to bring to our veterans, we want to reach even more this year. Today, on a day dedicated to honoring our veterans, you can help us do that. You can write your own card to be delivered to a veteran. You can donate to our organization so that we can reach more veterans across the nation. You can volunteer to become a local coordinator for Holiday Mail for Heroes and pass out cards to family or friends or classmates or co-workers or strangers you pass on the street. Most importantly, today especially, if you see a service member please thank them for their service that allows all of us to spend these holidays - and everyday - in comfort and freedom.


Dylan DiMatteo


Cover Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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