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Today marks the kick-off for the 2019 campaign of Holiday Mail for Heroes. Last year our families, friends, co-workers, classmates, and strangers alike helped us to collect nearly 2,000 handwritten cards to deliver to our veterans who are spending this holiday season in the hospital. We want to bring them a reminder that their incredible sacrifice and service to protect our families, friends, and loved ones is never forgotten and is appreciated more than we can ever show.

This year we want to reach even more veterans which is why we are aiming to collect 4,000 handwritten cards to deliver to our veterans this holiday season. Along with this we want to be able to give our veterans more - we want to be able to present them with a gift to open the same way so many of us are lucky enough to open gifts this time of year. Therefore we are collecting donations this year to help purchase gift cards to be delivered to our veterans along with the handwritten cards. Any donations will also help to supply our growing team of coordinators with cards and supplies to pass out to help us hit our goal of 4,000 handwritten cards. You can use the following link to donate this year:

Below is our letter from our new Executive Director, Dylan DiMatteo:

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